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Classical Homeopathy
Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body to heal itself.  They boost the energy necessary for the body to heal as a totality: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Homeopathy is gentle and curative.  Your symptom description is the guidepost for finding the remedy. You will be asked to describe what you are experiencing. Call or email for a consultation.  Or call: 310 930 9009

Homeopathy is deep acting and can address chronic physical issues, mental - emotional distress and other ailments as listed below:

anxiety and panic
attention deficit 
career  and work issues
creative and personal expression
chronic fatigue
eating disorders
head trauma
hormonal issues
insomnia and sleep issues
low self esteem
pregnancy and delivery
muscle injury and repair
skin problems
sports injury
sexual abuse
weight issues

Homeopathy has been around for a long time curing people and animals safely and naturally.   It  promotes health by creating harmony in a body that has become off balance.   Homeopaths do not see you as diseased with the intention to further destroy  or suppress what the body is trying to tell you. Symptoms are sign posts to healing. The body heals the ailment when it registers the appropriate curative remedy This remedy or homeopathic medicine takes into account you as a whole.  It guides your body, mind, soul and spirit back to health, vitality and well being.

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