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Debra Gangale MA, CCC is a Homeopath and Speech Language Pathologist. She is available for consultations and treatment in Santa Monica and Hollywood, California.

Debra specializes in all aspects of speech, language, vocal pathology, training and overall wellness visits for acute and chronic ailments. Her approach is a blend of traditional clinical interventions and holistic natural therapies.

In her 25 years of experience as Speech Language Pathologist, she observed that many times clients had co-existing issues, other than the complaint they came in with, which posed blocks or slowed normal treatment care.

Many individuals had family histories that led them to experiencing illness. Then others remembered a trauma that stood out as the time when everything discordant followed thereafter.

Some were not even aware of any cause other than the fact that they wanted stop having allergies or recurrent colds and needed some greatly needed relief but nothing was seemingly getting down to the root of the matter.

It was from personal experience working with a Homeopath that Debra discovered that healing must address the person as a whole and deeply get at the core of the problem so that the energy in the body could be strengthened and balanced for gentle, effective and long lasting results.

Debra has ongoing weekly classes for you to reach the next level in your health and in your personal and professional relationships.

Obstacles to cure can be addressed and vitality, balance and healthy living can return through homeopathic care.

Debra is the author of The Updated and Revised Source for Oral Motor Head and Neck Exercises and Right Words for the Right Love.

Debra presents in the following documentaries: IndigoEvolution and Cosmikids Panel on Indigo and Autistic Children.


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Please call for further information at: 310 930 9009


Debra Gangale