Homeopathic medicines assist the body in self-healing and the natural processes of detoxification, nutrition, and tissue regeneration.

They energetically work to free the person from emotional stress and locked-in modes of functioning which keeps one from accessing his or her full capabilities and resources.
Homeopathy is extremely effective for first aid, acute illnesses, and chronic ailments. Children as well as adults can increase overall focus, personal growth and well-being.
Homeopathy treats the whole person as a unique individual. It is gentle, effective and long lasting.

It is tailored to you personally to work from where you are at physically and emotionally to a greatly improved state of wellness. It can be used with your current prescriptions and medications.

A homeopathic remedy fine tunes your energy to help the body heal itself. Homeopathy is safe for infants, children, pregnant women, and animals. Many families have only used homeopathics because of the rapid, harmless and effective results.
In a consultation visit you will tell the homeopath your reason for visiting. You will be encouraged to express every concern in that homeopathy sees the life force maintaining your health as a whole and a treats on the totality of symptoms. Each visit in itself is informative and healing.

This approach enables the person to be seen and heard in the deepest most sensitive way allowing a remedy picture to come forth for healing to establish itself on all levels.

For more information regarding a homeopathic consultation contact:
Debra Gangale MA, CCC at 310 930 9009.